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New Orleans, Louisiana

A feasibility study was done with design concepts for converting the underutilized fourth floor to office space; a Historic Building Preservation Plan, classifying and assigning numeric values to all areas and elements of the building; a restoration project to recapture ground floor space for office use, improve sidewalks, provide ADA accessibility, light the exterior of the building, and upgrade or restore key spaces and features ($6 million); a Master Plan to consider comprehensively the architecture and uses of the 4-story, 325,000 square foot building and its place along Canal Street at the edge of the Vieux Carré; and the Audubon Institute’s Insectarium on a portion of the ground floor along with balance of the ground floor ($19 million).


Dallas, Texas

The facility provides approximately 69,000 square feet of workspace for police personnel including three floors of modern offices, meeting rooms, showers, lockers and an exercise facility.


Houston, Texas

The Harris County 1910 Courthouse in downtown Houston reopened Aug. 23 after a $65 million restoration and renovation that began in March 2009.Located at 301 Fannin, the six-story building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Classical Revival-style building is home to the 1st and 14th Texas State Court of Appeals.The renovation project was led by architecture firm PGAL and general contractor Vaughn Construction, both of which are Houston companies.The goal was to restore the domed landmark to its original design, which included undoing extensive changes made during a 1950 renovation. The update also incorporated modern technology, safety and security features.Two ornate courtrooms, two of the largest in the county, were restored to their original grandeur.


Bryan, Texas

The Justice Center includes a new police department and jail facility and multiple court space, bringing the three together for the first time in nearly fifteen years or so. The Bryan Justice center is part of a master plan that includes four full city blocks near the City’s historic downtown. The new justice center establishes a municipal campus in conjunction with the existing City Hall and the City Utilities building. Additionally, the design supports the goals of “New Urbanism” in re-developing this downtown area.


Brownsville, Texas

When the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program was created, Cameron County applied for funds to complete the remaining $7 million interior and site improvement project. Known locally as the Dancy Building after Judge Oscar Dancy, the building now houses administrative functions of the county government including the judge’s office, commissioners court and the offices of treasurer and auditor. The project included restoration of the double height district courtroom, the stained glass rotunda and the ornamental plaster. The building was rededicated as the official Cameron County Courthouse on October 27, 2006.


San Marcos, Texas

Project components include: Atrium, Courtroom, Courtyard, Detention, Grand Jury Suite, Judges' Chambers, Jury Assembly Space, Library, Office Space, Sallyport, Secure Detention, Waiting Room.  The government center is 232,000 SF.


Forney, Texas

The Forney Justice Center houses an advanced Police Service & Detention facility to the citizens of Forney, TX. The two-story, 32,000 square foot Police Buildings flanked by a 6,700 square foot Courthouse that acts as a space for Police Training & Community Services as well. The Forney Justice Center is located along F.M. 548, the project is surrounded by lots of new development including a City Park and a new Hospital.

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