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Round Rock, Texas

This magnificent worship center, dedicated in November, 2006, serves the area just north of Austin, and seats 1,500. The new sanctuary building is designed to seat 1,500 people under phase one and master planned to seat 2,500 in the future. The building is a conventional steel frame with Austin white limestone veneer and a clay tile roof. The site also supports an administration/Parish building, an Education building, and a Nursery building.


Tuscaloosa, Alabama

In 1998, Father Jerry Deasy became pastor of Holy Spirit. A buildingcommittee was formed in 2000 to discuss plans and options for building anew church. After a survey and study of the alternatives, thedecision was made to build a new, larger church in the present location. A Capital Campaign Drive was launched in late 2005. As a result ofthat effort our new church is currently under construction. It will seat 1,000 people. Presently there close to 1100 families registered in theparish.


Lakeway, Texas

The design is an open three axes space, uses the gothic proportion and an elaborate system of glue laminated structural and decorative arches. Built on a base of Austin limestone the nearly transparent space is sited into the hillside of the site overlooking the village of Lakeway. Cut into the hill on the west and projecting nearly two stories above the hill on the east, the pedestrian areas around the worship space provide for intimate meditative spaces and inspiring panoramic views of the hill country. Each nave axis ends with a 40´ tall window. The arched window lined vestibule extends across the back of all three nave spaces, with the main nave opening into a large narthex. Extensive use of wood and stone inside all of the spaces simplifies and enriches the worship experience. The baptismal font and tabernacle are at the triangular intersections of the three nave bays, creating an worshipful space within the overall interior volume.


Brusly, Louisiana

The renovations and additions for this 490-seat, Gothic-styled structure built in 1907 restored much of the original detailing. A new gathering foyer, cry room, choir loft, organ, and an access stair were added at the front of the church with the front elevation completely replicated. A new limestone baptistery and font were added on the central axis of the church. A new communion sacristy, altar society, electrical and mechanical rooms were added at the back of the church. The original steeple, damaged and removed after a 1934 hurricane, was replaced with a new steeple which was replicated using archived photographs. A new annex and porte-cochère utilize similar massing, detailing, and proportions and are connected to the church with a glassed-walled connecting corridor. The church renovations and additions were part of a Master Plan completed by CJA.


San Antonio, Texas

This campus is located on 45 acres in a rapid populating area and was in need of a new church to accommodate their growing congregation. A 1,700 seat sanctuary was designed and constructed and is expandable to 3,000 in a later phase. The design is a 123 foot lit cross tower visible from the highway from miles away. In addition to the design of the new Sanctuary, Fisher Heck provided a new and updated Master Plan that responds to the rapid growth of the church.


Birmingham, Alabama

Briarwood Presbyterian Church Education and Conference Center, Birmingham, Alabama This new facility encompasses a two-story adult education and conference center, children’s auditorium, three-story youth building, enclosed bridge and 400-vehicle parking garage. not the right buildingThe main worship center is a large traditional sanctuary, completed in the 1990's. BAi assisted the church in the design of new sound reinforcement and video projection systems, which were added in 2007.

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