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Technology, Exploration & Career Center West

Lewisville, Texas

The Studio area has a built-in Cyc, curtains, lighting, audio playback, PTZs, video monitoring, and intercom to allow for both live-productions and post-productions.  The Green Room area allows students to prepare for getting on and off set. There are displays for monitoring the studio, intercom, and a flashing light and bell to let the actors know when to enter the set.  The Screening Room area has a rear workstation which allows students to create content live, and to accurately mix in audio in 7.1. It features physical hardware for color grading and audio mixing.  The Screening Room area is tuned per SMPTE standards to provide superior quality audio.  The Screening Room area allows students to showcase their hard work. It features a 4K image with surround sound for audio and video playback.  The suite allows for one host and three guests for a show, along with remote call-in options.  The Audio Production area allows for an audio engineer to achieve mix downs of various content including ADR, foley, and music performances.  The Media Resource area allows for instructors to showcase different editing styles, live production techniques, and show various content on the projector.  The Audio Isolation area allows a recording isolation space to achieve high quality recordings without unwanted noise. This space has an additional editing bay for creating post-production content.  The Radio Broadcast area provides students the opportunity to learn real life radio stills for live on-air broadcasting. The suite also allows students to create audio podcasts for post-production work. It features a trusted preamp, industry standard microphones, and a radio console with automation software to allow students to broadcast with ease.

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